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Dear RBI,

I used your belts for the first time recently, and I have to say they are AMAZING! I was riding on the back of a jet ski, which has always been my least favorite sport because you get thrown off so often. My boyfriend was wearing the belt in the front, and he is a substantially bigger and stronger person that I am... typically this would mean I am in the water quickly with on sharp turn. But since I was able to hold onto the belt, it made gripping so much easier. We were much more in sync with each other going into turns, and I felt very secure on the back. Way better then those little handles you have to grab onto behind you on the jet ski! And we could even stand up together going into the big waves, which I could not do before. I don't know that I ever want to ride on another jet ski without the RBI belt, because now I feel so spoiled by how much more fun it is when the impending doom of falling off the back is taken away!

Thank you, and here's to lots of summer fun!

Erynn Garner

Bothell, WA


We purchased your belt at Ocean Shores. My husbands bike does not have a "sissy bar" and I was very reluctant to ride with him. Neither of us is as narrow as we were 20 years ago and I couldn't find a comfortable way to hang on. I always felt like I was slipping off and I was so close to him that I couldn't turn my head to see where we were going. I was frankly dangerous on the corners, and my husband couldn't enjoy the ride either because I was pushing him into the handlebars. With this belt I went from, "No thanks, I'll stay home, to , "Lets take the bike!" I told my husband after the first ride with the belt that it was worth every penny. I am so much more relaxed that we can take corners in our own lane now, and I get to enjoy the countryside as we ride by. My arms don't hurt, my legs don't hurt, and my back doesn't hurt from hunching over. The best part is now we can do something fun together, instead of me being the spoilsport.


Sun & Surf Show- Ocean Shores, WA

I love your belts! I'd love to tell you about my first experience with them. Being an avid water sportsman and growing up with a cabin on a lake, I've spent many hours on boats and jet skis. My experience has always been as the driver of a jet ski and it's easy to over do it and throw your back passenger. While using the RBI belt, my reality totally shifted; it was no longer easy to throw the back passenger. Instead I was able to ride much more aggressively, and we were able to ride in unison without much experience together on the craft/ Contrary to my past experience, I was no longer left picking up a thrown passenger. When I did manage to push the limits too far, the belt provided so much support that both of us were thrown from the craft (which was way more fun)! I believe your belts are very well suited for this type of sport, I look forward to continued use of them in the future.

Dwight Angle

Bothell, WA

I have to say for the first time taking my son for a ride was enjoyable. With
this belt I wasn't hunched over with my sons head buried into my back. We
were both able to be comfortable and enjoy just going for a ride. This belt

is awesome!!!! My son was always unsure if he wanted to ride as he was

very uncomfortable and couldn't look around as he had a death grip around

my waist. With this belt he felt very secure and was able to sit up straight

and enjoy the scenery as we drove around. The back support also was a

plus for me as I have a bad lower back. This product has given me piece of mind to drive around with a passenger on back and not have to think about them falling off if I have to make a quick movement or get on the gas or

brake for any reason. I would like to thank you for creating a great product

and will talk about this belt to everyone I know how safe and secure this product is for all types of riding.

Thank you,

Scott Douglass
Westbrook, Maine

My husband Alan and I have used this product for 4 years now. We use it mostly for riding on our motorcycle, but have used it on vacation to jet ski. For me riding passenger on a bike was always nerve racking because I never felt like I had a good grip on Alan. I was always trying to hold onto his leather jacket. The belt provides something to hold onto and makes me feel much more connected with my husband. I am able to relax more and enjoy the ride! As a passenger on a jet ski your only option for holding on is to grab hold of the life jacket on the driver. Holding the straps of the life jacket wer uncomfortable and I felt as though my fingers would be caught in them if I did come off the jet ski. Riding with the belt this past vacaton was much better! I was able to hold onto the soft rubber handles which are much more comfortable and secure!

Thanks! Love ya guys!

Carly Christou

Arlington, WA

Dear RBI,

I've been riding my entire life. Went from Motocross, quad freestyle, street bikes and have found myself entering the stunt scene. Throughout all the riding I have ever done I've always enjoyed taking passengers for rides whether it was hitting a freestyle ramp tandem, ripping up the dunes with a passenger, going out for a scenic back road twisty ride or riding tandem wheelies. A complaint I've always had is having the passenger squeeze  too tight on my rib cage, "especially with having prior rib and back injuries," and not being able to breath. Wearing this belt has solved that issue completely. I will never give someone another tandem ride "on or off road", without wearing it.

A complaint I've heard from passengers is not being able to hold on or they felt like they were going to fall off, especially smaller passengers. Everyone that I have given a ride to has said they felt much more safe and secure while I had the belt on. Even my 5 year old daughter, she isn't quite big enough to reach her arms around me while we ride on the street bike. She was able to ride much longer and I felt much safer with her having the  handles to hold onto. I have even went skydiving with the belt and it worked really great to help stabilize a friend who is newer to jumping. The belt definately comes in handy in all sorts of extreme sports. After using the belt many times I have found one complaint, and it was while doing slow sit down wheelies on the street bike. One person said the 3rd handle , or "handle on back", was digging into her and was uncomfortable, but not bad, and only after multiple times of slamming forward so take that complaint with a grain of salt honestly we were really digging for a complaint to find and that would be solved with purchasing the two handle version of the belt for that particular use.

I'd like to say thanks to everyone at RBI for all the testing and fine tuning. They have definitely made an excellent product and I will definitely be recommending the belt!

Joe Van Delden

i5 stunts

This belt! The 3 handled belt. The comfort level while I was wearing it is off the charts. Feels like it's not even there, it didn't interfere with my riding at all.  Easy to put on and stays secure. My passengers all told me that the sturdy grips makes them feel safer during turns and faster speeds. It gives me peace of mind knowing my family and friends feel more comfortable riding with me. You have yourself a durable, long-lasting, genius product and this was the best gift that was given to me.
Thanks, Nick C.


"Your belt saved our ass!!"

So, I purchased your belt at the Sun And Surf Run in Ocean Shores, WA. When I purchased it, it was mainly for my wives comfort. Little did I realize that your belt saved our lives. We were on our way home, just outside Ocean Shores. In the middle of the road a Toyota Corolla decided to PANIC STOP!! No cars around., No turns and nothing in the road. I hit the brakes, and the rear tire locked up and started to fishtail, almost doing a stoppie. I had to take the bike onto the soft shoulder and overtook the stopped vehicle in the dirt. What saved my rear was the fact that even in a panic stop, not only did your belt preform as described, it kept my passenger centered which kept my bike stable. If at any moment her weight had shifted to one side we would have probably be in the hospital right now. I will promote your product the best I can. I can't wait to see what else you come up with.

Thank you,

Jason & Katie McAdam

Ocean Shores, WA

2 & 3 Handle Options Available.



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My son and I have been riding since he was five years old. Over the years it has been difficult, due to his small size. I have been looking for a device or an easy option for his to be able to hang on comfortably and safely. After meeting the team of Riding Belt Industries and reviewing their products I decided to confidently purchase a riding belt. I have been using the belt for a moth now and am 100% happy with the quality, durability, and most of all the comfort and safety it gives my son when riding.

Thanks again RBI- I will be purchasing again soon!

Kasey Eslick

Spokane, WA