‚ÄčJess, thank you so much for coming to the Ridge yesterday. Your belt is amazing. Being on the race track with your belt is LIFE CHANGING. I will never ride 2up without it. I felt more connected to my love using this belt then I thought was possible. The fact that right away I felt the difference of my body position and the ease of breaking and turning going over 100mph. The fact that I was able to get off the bike with my partner and not be scared to do it was astounding. You have taken something and turned it into gold. Your product has taken the scary factor out of riding for me. For this I will be forever grateful. I love that it is made out of fabric and not plastic. The construction and quality is wonderful. This product hasn't been used on a street bike track before and am very grateful that we got to be the testers. I will send pics soon. The ease of riding that this product provides is unsurpassed by any other. Thank you for creating a product that will make riding as a passenger more accessible for both youths and adults.

Amber Edwards

(Pictured Above)


Want to Ride Tandem on the Race Track?

The Ridge, In Shelton WA allows Tandem riding! A 170 acre Pacific Northwest Destination which boasts a gorgeous views of the Olympic Mountains, and an expert Circuit designed by Steve Crawford! The track is 40 feet wide, 2.47 miles long, and has 16 turns! 

The Ridge is also home to Ridge Racing School which has courses tailored to fit a range of riders spanning from beginner to expert. Seeking a sanctioned competition? Look no further, they have accredited race licensing curriculums!

Follow links to go to "The Ridge" below. Or follow link below to find out more about racing on the track at The Ridge from instructor Q Bert, and his fearless girlfriend Amber Edwards (More Track Racing) who race at speeds up to 160 miles/hr!!