Whether you stunt yourself or just like to watch some sick shit, get to know some bad ass riders, who use our belt to get even more extreme in their tandem stunt 


West Coast Connection Custom Belts

R.B.I. met West Coast Connection at the 2013 Sun & Surf Ride in Ocean Shores, WA. We were wowed by their moves and even climbed on the back of Hollywood B's bike to put our product to the test.


Riding with Hollywood B was thrilling! He is such a confident rider that even when he had us in full wheelies I felt safe! Watching the team ride is completely riveting! They put so much time and dedication into perfecting their moves it's breath taking to see in person. 

Stunt Riders Hollywood B and Hawaiian Dave liked our belts so much we made them custom belts featuring their Signatures and Logo. They were able to take our belts on the road with them and really put our product to the test. Giving strength to our slogan, "Stunt Tested - Street Approved.

With our belts  the team has been able to safety preform small stunts with novice and experienced riders alike.  We have custom WCC belts available at our store.

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West Coast Connection

Go on- get extreme with it!

Stunt Tested 

Street Approved